Melbourne App Developer Buzinga Goes Into Liquidation

We read the SmartCompany article about the Melbourne mobile app development company Buzinga going into liquidation.Not much is known about why the company went into liquidation but we are sure it is not related to the market.

How to build a sustainable app development business

How we ensure it does not happen to us. At jtribe we have measures in place that ensure that our business in growing in a steady and sustainable manner. Sustainability is very deliberately one of our foundation values along with Impact and Fairness. Here are some of the key principles we apply to ensure that our business is offering the best in iOS app development, Android app development and web development. 

Grow Wisely

jtribe has been in the app development business since 2007 and we have seen many ups and downs in the app industry. A mature leadership team ensures a steady, organic and managed growth so we can create something bigger than the sum of the individuals working at jtribe. We only hire when we know we can sustain that new position because sustainability for us is not just about the business, it’s about our people and clients too.

Look After Client Relationships

Trust and deep partnerships are some of the key success factors in app development projects. This is why we take special care in guiding our clients through the process of app development, giving them the best strategic advice and ensuring maximum results for their investment. Transparency is a key part of our close collaboration. Our clients have access to the people building their application as well as access to the tools we use to manage our work so that project status information is available at all times.

Be Agile

We are an Agile shop. Our method of creating great digital products is based on Agile principles. Agile works well with our culture and creates great outcomes for our clients. We invested in agility early and are able to deliver medium and large projects with cross-functional teams. We have invested in the tools and methods that make lean product development possible and allow our clients to continuously receive app updates on a daily basis.

Act Local

Many Australian app developers promise lower prices by having the work done in other countries like India, the Phillipines or Vietnam. We strongly believe that the best products are built by local development teams in close collaboration with our clients. We do all our app development in our Melbourne office and welcome our clients to spend as much time as possible in our office with us. This closeness with our clients has been the secret to our most successful projects.

Be Solid

jtribe has been building apps for 10 years. We started building apps in 2007 and are probably the most experienced app development company in Australia. With such a long track record of app development we are proud to work for some of the most impactful brands and some of the most innovative startups. We are proud of our talented team and appreciative of the support of all our clients and the many long term partnerships we still enjoy.