We distill complex requirements into simple, lean digital products

We've been working with iOS and Android since day one and are one of the most experienced mobile design and development teams in Australia.

What we do

We have built an incredibly skilled and experienced team of designers and developers that combine smart technology, clean visual design and deceptively simple interfaces to deliver a rich user experience for the iOS, Android and web platforms.

We know our clients want meaningful apps that have impact and purpose and we pride ourselves on working with them to achieve this.

The office

Our Melbourne office, OpenHub, is located on Manchester Lane in the CBD. We love the home we have created here, which has attracted a community of co-workers from diverse creative and technical backgrounds. We have hosted some great events and training evenings in this space and look forward to hosting many more. Collaboration is at the core of how we work, so we welcome our clients to join us in working from OpenHub during the development of their products.



13/243 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9028 7128

Emerging tech initiatives

We work with a vast array of different technologies, including augmented reality, visual computation, highly customised user interfaces, tactile feedback devices, bluetooth connectivity for wrist devices (Android watch), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon, face recognition, realtime distributed mobile apps, highly secure apps, data protection, highly scalable middleware for mobile apps, disruptive retail solutions and many, many more.

Technology is in our DNA

We love using it, we love learning about it and we love sharing it. We are problem solvers who enjoy the challenge of transforming a complex client problem into a beautifully crafted digital solution.

We speak your language. Yes, we are developers. Yes, we live and breathe code. But we know how to communicate complex tech in simple terms. Our communication is open and transparent, straightforward and easy to understand. We work hard to make sure our clients enjoy the journey of developing an application with us.