What drives us

When Apple and Google announced their application stores in 2008 we felt that this is going to be big and more importantly – exciting. We took on risk by quitting our day jobs and becoming entrepreneurs who created one of the best mobile development companies in Australia.

Check out our new App for Apple’s Passbook on iOS – PassRocket.com…we feel like we have gathered a great wealth of knowledge and experience in mobile app development. We offer these skills to our clients to produce the best posssible apps for them – or simple – apps they love.

Looking at the current app developer scene we see a lot of talent. We also see a lot of developers of small solutions Рbe it an app for a one-off event or an app that supports a marketing campaign. We believe that there are too many companies out there that scratch only the surface of mobile app development. Many companies are certainly able to create nice looking apps but many fail when trying to create sustainable, robust, and scaleable mobile solutions.

Creating  beautiful, simple, and immersive apps is very satisfying and we have created a number of apps that were featured in the Apple AppStore. With more than 3 million downloads of apps created by jTribe we think users like what we do.

Creating strong, robust, and scalable server components that support mobile apps is challenging. At jTribe we love a challenge. This is why we have invested in continuously improving our capability of creating complete end-to-end solutions for mobile. In fact our first app (firepin) was based on a highly scalable backend hosted on Amazon EC2. We also created various end-to-end solutions for start-ups and government organisations.

We want to see more complete, sustainable mobile solutions. This is why jTribe is offering end-to-end services. Training, app development, and server components for the consumer market and the enterprise is what interest us and what we offer our clients.

With all this we hope that we can do our part in keeping apps a pleasant experience for our clients, the app users, the mobile developer community, and us.