App development for Android, iPhone, iPad and mobile web is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mobile app development

Mobile solution development and consulting is our bread and butter. We develop apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and mobile web.

Working on over 60 apps we have all the required skills to develop bespoke mobile solutions of any size and complexity.

Our mobile delivery process is mature, adapts to our clients' needs and produces mobile apps that make an impact.

jtribe employees a select team of mobile app developers which are technical experts in the fields of iOS, Android, mobile web, Ruby, node.js and infrastructure.

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Mobile strategy

Creating a mobile solution needs a solid strategy which provides direction for the mobile journey ahead.

We have seen both successful and unsuccessful projects. Our experience in mobile development helps clients to gain clarity of their goals, align with their values and a long-term plan to execute on.

Each member of the jtribe leadership team has more than five years of mobile experience and many more years consulting background.

Let us create or contribute to your mobile strategy.

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Mobile training

If you want to become a mobile app developer then come to one of our iOS or Android training courses. Our delivery leaders love to go out and teach the fundamentals of mobile app development.

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Corporate training

If you need to ramp up mobile development skills in your organisation then we can offer custom iOS or Android training courses. Organisations like Telstra and nab have used our training services before.

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Mobile support

Once a mobile app is built it requires support. We offer different levels of support which ensure your iOS or Android app is running smoothly once it is live.

We can offer heightened mobile app support for times when a new mobile operating system or mobile device enters the market to quickly react to any issues in your app.

Even if you have an exiting iOS or Android app we can support it.

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Code quality checks

Let us have a look at your mobile developer's code to ensure that the best practices are used.

At the end of the quality check we will produce a report that highlights the good and the bad and will provide you with concrete suggestions on how to improve your code.

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Mobile integration

We are highly experienced in building scalable mobile solutions that include middleware, backends and APIs, a skill we learned from our history of enterprise consulting.

Get us involved early to ensure your mobile integration strategy is solid, secure and scalable.

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Mobile innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA at jtribe. We offer services that explore how products can be innovated based on the latest or future technology.

As soon as new technology is announced we are usually already experimenting with it. Use us to explore where future technology could lead your product.

The future is mobile. We can build a prototype for you to gain a glimpse of the future.

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Mobile research

Our mobile research service offering can help you develop intellectual property. A feasibility study can greatly increase the chance of success with an innovative project and give investors confidence in the project.

We are constantly involving ourselves in leading edge research such as the ARC Linkage project GraVVITAS to assist blind students accessing content through haptic feedback devices and iPads.

jtribe lab is currently researching Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon, quadcopters as part of a mobile future, haptic feedback devices, mobile security, mobile payment systems and the future of retail.

Some of the greatest computer manufacturers have used our mobile research services before.

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