Mobile Development


Our Approach at jTribe:

We are a team of passionate mobile developers who are experts in building apps & mobile solutions. We deliver timely and love what we do. We have already had our apps recognised under ‘new and noteworthy’ and ‘top 10 grossing’ apps in the Australian itunes store and aim to continue this trend.


We have been working with the iPhone & Android from day one and are one of the most experienced iPhone/Android developers in Australia, yet still growing our knowledge every day in order to keep up with this mobile industry. We invested in our own apps and modular mobile platform solution while the market was still evolving. Now that the demand for mobile solutions is growing at an impressive rate, we are offering our experience to help our clients realise their projects.

Are you thinking of creating your own app, or are you a business wanting to look into mobile development? jTribe manages mobile projects from start to finish, involving clients throughout the process, depending on the clients needs and wants.


agile mobile development

jTribe has established agile development methodologies since its inception in 2005. Agile development techniques help maintain a strict focus on rapid delivery, whilst undertaking testings and verification throughout the development process to identify and address technical risks as early as possible. This presents a mobile development process with low overheads and sound business adaptability. Our agile development philosophy is based on getting mature developers involved that have a passion for software development and are experienced in agile development methods.

our process

  • start with a workshop
  • identify the key scenarios or user stories
  • sketch up the wireframes
  • choose a platform; iPhone, iPad or Android. These each have different technical needs, which are important to identify and augment the wireframes accordingly at this early stage
  • set up the projects in the software development kits (SDKs) and create an initial mockup version of the app based on the wireframes
  • (As artwork and graphic design get introduced, the mockup apps become more usable and are circulated within the team and especially the client users).
  • feedback will be gathered and incorporated into the wireframes and Mockup apps.
  • improve and evolve the app as we go along the development process.
  • apply final polish as this will make the app stand out among the large number of apps available in the AppStores
  • application submission. We assist in getting your app into the AppStore.


When possible we apply a test driven-development (TDD) approach. TDD tools for mobile are not as mature as web app development tools, therefore we will only apply TDD if it is sensible and adds value during the development process. If this is not the case, we will use best software development practices and extensive automated UI testing.

continuous integration

All our projects follow a strict continuous integration regime for the different platforms (iOS, Android). Any change in the code will automatically create a new app version which gets send out to our client and beta testers. This encourages the most important part of our approach – instant and short feedback loops.

mobile platforms

Our developers are capable of developing on both iOS (iphone and ipad) and Android. jtribe specialise in these two platforms, as we prefer our developers to be experts in a maximum of two platforms to ensure quality of software.

end-to-end solutions

An app is often just the tip of the iceberg. Many apps need backend integration or server components. The backend is usually bigger than the mobile app.

At jTribe we are specialised to architect, design, build and run large server-based systems for our clients and our own apps. We carefully design APIs so they are optimised for mobile usage. We have gathered a great amount of experience and  knowhow in creating  scalable systems that support large mobile solutions.

Connecting our backend building blocks allows us to rapidly create mobile end-to-end solutions. Our  backend building blocks are based on Ruby, .NET, Node.js and are architected for scalability and robustness.