Enterprise apps

Enterprise app development

Since Apple has introduced in-house apps we have seen many enterprises taking the opportunity to create productivity apps for the iPhone and iPad that integrate with their existing enterprise systems. In-house apps do not have to be submitted to Apple and can be deployed on employees iOS devices over the air.

Organisations need to understand how to deploy and manage these apps and  jTribe can provide advice on strategy, architecture and device management.

jTribe’s management team have worked with a multitude of enterprises internationally and locally in Australia. As iOS developers, we understand the benefits of iPads and iPhones in business and their unique utility and contribution to a company’s growth and development.

Business iPhone applications

The iPhone is a useful tool for managing and interpreting real time data, streaming in from field staff or offsite workers. jTribe can work with your business to create a strategic iPhone app customised to your business, detailing and collating specific information useful to your business. This is useful for senior management to track internal, private information specific to your enterprise. Conversely, we can implement apps, which use real time tracking information to gauge and collect data from your field forces. Collaborative tools can be set up to combine data and feeds from your entire company, creating a streamlined conventional workflow informational database.

Business iPad applications

The iPad presents even further opportunities for customised business apps; particularly useful for CEOs and senior management. jTribe can customise applications for your company that provide you with business intelligence in a visually comprehensive form with actionable tabs to interpret data, analyse trends and results internal to your business. This can be tailored to your specific needs as a company; from financial charts to field reports on key performance indicators. We can help you access real time information in order to make timely and strategic decisions to aid your business growth and development. Due to the iPad’s portability, you can access this unique company data and remotely access your desktop wherever you are; out of the office or out of the country.

Device Management

jTribe can consult and advise on device management systems which best suit your company and ensure the system integrates with your existing architecture. Device management systems enable you to communicate timely company information and access your internal email systems and calendars, which are received instantly from within your database. Device Management Systems also provide security ensuring the administrator of the system can alter employee access to certain company information according to their restrictions. It also provides management for lost or stolen devices as you can remotely lock the device or wipe the device of corporate information. If this is relevant to your company, jTribe can work with you to understand your requirements and find a solution which meets those needs.