Micro-Donations for United States Veterans

The Client

Activistic is a platform provider for recurring micro-donations.

In 2014, Activistic was founded with an idea to use smartphones and crowdfunding for good. Activistic supports recurring giving with no need for bank or credit card details.

Mobile apps using the Activistic platform unlock the power of micro-donations to garner widespread and effortless support of charities dear to the hearts of people around America.

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The Brief

The goal of the Veterans Call app is to support returned veterans and their families across the United States. Donations can be made without any bank details or credit card details, through the utilisation of Direct Carrier Billing.

The client was looking for a multi-platform mobile and backend development partner. jtribe was tasked to create and deliver a reliable and scalable platform for micro donations that can be used in various apps. The client was looking for a develpment partner who could master iOS, Android and serious backend technology.

Although the Veternas Call app was to be a great app in it's own right, the client also needed a whitelabel app framework that could be repurposed for different causes.

The app also needed to migrate existing customers with the new service that jtribe developed.

Activistic was especially interested in the benefits of an Agile product development approach. jtribe and Activistic needed to work closely as a cross-functional team to achieve a great product that has positive impact.

The Engagement

The project took 5 months to complete. The entirety of the jtribe team were involved in the app's development, which included iOS developers, Android developers, Web developers and testers. Also a part of the team was the Product Owner from Activistic Inc., who commenced working at our office at the start of the project, and continued to do so until it shipped.

We collaborated with various teams over the course of the project, both locally and remotely. The co-location and frequent communication ensured the highest degree of understanding across the board, which consequently guaranteed a successful product delivery.

The result is a completely re-designed app for iOS and Android, as well as an entirely new backend which was developed in-house by our Web team. The latter was completed while the app developers were still working.

Working with Activistic was very rewarding. Together we developed an app that truly makes a difference.

The Challenges

External Services.
The new app depends on an external CMS, as well as a myriad of other backend technologies which includes but is not limited to AWS Cognito. The app developers had to come up with creative solutions to handle issues arising across the full course of development.

User Experience.
jtribe was pivotal in creating a streamlined user experience that makes donating efficient and extremly simple. The approach was to honour the specifics of both mobile platforms - iOS and Android.

Custom User Interface.
In collaboration with a design firm based in the United Kingdom, we developed two separate user interface for iOS and Android respectively. The fluid nature of the interface on both platforms is a result of jtribe's dedication to truly understanding the platforms we use.

The Looks

The Looks