Cheese & wine

TThe 'Cheese & Wine’ app provides detailed educational information, videos and articles on gourmet cheeses and recommended complimentary wines from expert connoisseurs, Max Allen and Will Studd.

App of the week

Cheese & Wine was voted "iPad app of the week!" in the Apple AppStore.

The Client

The app was commissioned by Plot Media to showcase cheese expert Will Stuff and wine expert Max Allen.

The Brief

The client wanted an app for iPhone and iPad that had a simple, intuitive user interface. High-quality videos needed to be hosted on a server, downloaded when required and then stored on the device.

The Engagement

The project took 8 weeks from inception to submission to the AppStore.

Technical production was done by jtribe. The jtribe team included a developer, a producer and a tester.

The Solution

The app uses a "merry-go-round" carousel as the main navigation feature to match cheeses and wines.

Gourmet Content

Topical articles and educational content for wine and cheese gourmets.