Why you should not offshore your app development

We seem to see more clients coming to us and ask for help getting their off-shore app development back. :

    The major complaints we hear our clients about offshore development are:

  • It takes too long.
  • Management overkill. Clients needs to spend more time managing their offshore development then they thought.
  • Code quality
  • Changes are hard

We do not know if those problems are caused by the client or by the offshore partner. What we do know is that clients need strong guidance when they implement their first mobile app solution. Going offshore with the first project seems is very risky as the client does not even know yet what the challenges of developing a mobile app are.

Cost Gap

Let’s start with cost first. Once a customer has received an offshore quote their budget expectations become totally skewed. Getting an app developed offshore for $5,000 sounds too attractive. (This includes an iOS and a backend and a website).

On-shore developers will probably quote more in the range of $20,000 – $60,000.

Although many clients are aware of the risk of offshore development once they has seen the “offshore discount quote” there is probably no way they can turn to an local developer. This is completely understandable.

Involvement creates Comfort

When clients come us and ask for a quote we are walk them though our development approach which embeds the client deeply into our team and vice versa. We allocate a desk in our office to the client and they can come and sit there any time. That’s a nice benefit of running a co-working space.

The client’s involvement leads to great results. The client is getting their ideas turned into reality in incremental steps and can move the product direction quickly.

For your first mobile app development project you should go with a local development partner that can provide involve you in the project and guide you where needed.

The cheap offshore option sounds too good to be true. From our experience we would advice not to go offshore if you want a quality product.