Passbook on iOS for Retailers

It’s September 12 and today Apple will have their media event. There should be no surprised around iOS 6 as it was already presented in June at the World Wide Developer Conference. One feature of iOS 6 caught our special attention. The new Passbook app that keeps all your loyalty cards, store cards, boarding passes and tickets in one app.

Since Daniel and I returned form San Francisco we thought about making the Passbook technology available to any business. Today we looked back at what we have achieved and are happy to see our vision almost realised. The app is in it’s last development stage.

We are particularly excited to that the product we developed will be empowering retailers of any size to have a loyalty system setup within minutes. The small baker at the farmer’s market can now create passes on the spot and send them out via Facebook and Twitter. We would love to see our app being used by most coffee shops in the¬†lane-ways¬†around our office.

We managed today to get the video finalised, published on YouTube and added to our freshly created website. It’s still a bit rough at the edges but we think it’s can be shown to the world.

So, please say hello to PassRocket.