South East Water utility app

jTribe has worked on an iPhone enterprise app project with South East Water on a couple of occasions over the last year. Initially South East Water were after a basic enterprise iPhone application for their employees to be alerted about sewerage and water leaks and quick access to trend data for different site locations.

Late 2011 jTribe began working on an update with South East Water to improve the application and include some additional functionality around viewing the trend data. It’s great seeing an app become such an essential tool enabling employees to increase their productivity, and thus the enterprises productivity.

South East Water employees are typically mobile and this app alerts the employee of any new alarms at sites and to handle it appropriately under controls via the application. The app allows all employees to see the real time status of all sites.

It’s been an interesting journey working with south east water seeing their app evolve with their requirements. As most of the employees already use iPhones as their primary device so it was a smooth transition to using iPhones within the enterprise.